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Platinum Gold Silver Bronze
Package value € 8.800
€ 5.500
€ 3.550
€ 940
Website front page Yes No No No
Website sponsor page Yes Yes Yes Yes
Conference booklet 1 page 1/2 page 1/3 page 1/4 page
Booth and location Yes Yes Yes No
Entrance tickets 4 2 1 0
Commercial presentation 2 1 0 0
Badge Yes Yes No No
Extra advertisement Yes No No No

All amounts are in Euros excluding VAT.

To comply with the Directive, EMEA PUG Challenge Ltd has obtained an Ireland VAT registration number for the purpose and duration of the conference and has charged Ireland VAT on invoices raised.

For recovery of the VAT, you should contact your home country tax office for more information about the process for making the claim.