Tom Bascom

Consultant, White Star Software

Tom has been working with Progress since 1987 and is well-known to the Progress community for his frequent postings in online forums.
When he is not providing the online community with helpful information on getting the most out of OpenEdge or taking them to task for running dangerously obsolete releases (or complaining about paperwork), Tom is either working on developing ProTop, the Best OpenEdge Performance, Monitoring and Alerting Tool in the Galaxy, or consulting with customers throughout the world, helping improve their OpenEdge system’s performance and scalability.

Speaker Sessions

Back to Basics: Keeping Your Database, and the Server It Runs On, Healthy

In this session, we will show you the way through the challenges that lie ahead and help bring peace to your weekends and evenings. You’ll learn about best practices for maintaining your OpenEdge database, including tasks like monitoring database growth, identifying and addressing performance bottlenecks, ensuring data integrity, and how to manage system resources such as memory, disk, CPU and network.

Speaker Workshops