Roy Ellis

Director Professional Services, Progress Software

Roy has worked at Progress for almost 27 years. After starting in Technical Support, Roy moved to the WebSpeed development team. Since then, he has helped to deliver many products and features, including most recently the new Progress Application Server for OpenEdge. Roy then spent over 2 years on Product Management team driving Language and Pro2 features. Roy recently joined the Professional Services team for Managed Database Services. He enjoys working with customers and presenting at many customer events.

Speaker Sessions

MDBA Services

Let’s talk about OpenEdge’s Managed Database Administration Service (MDBA). We can help you monitor your application, increase performance, and plan for growth. You would have 24X7 access in case of emergencies and be partnered with a DBA to help with your needs supported by a team with over 600 years of OpenEdge experience.

Speaker Workshops

Supporting PASOE – Debug and Fix (Workshop for optimization)

You now have Progress Application Server for OpenEdge running in production, but you don’t have the experience you need to support it?

This presentation will jump start your understanding of debugging PAS for OpenEdge.

We will discuss how the PAS for OpenEdge works and how to use that information to debug issues. We will explain the many log files and where the errors are written from. In the workshop you will debug errors and we will discuss the process.

You will walk away with enough knowledge to allow you the time to gain the experience you need with PAS for OpenEdge.