Rahul Kumar

Senior Software Engineer, Progress Software

Rahul is a Senior Software Developer at Progress. He is currently working as a lead developer and architect for the newly developed OpenEdge DevOps Framework (Gradle plugins) and the new tooling engine for Progress Developer Studio. He along with his team is responsible for building tools around ABL which enhances developers’ productivity. He has also worked on and is keenly involved with several research and modernization initiatives for OpenEdge including DevOps enablement, modern IDEs and containerization.

Speaker Sessions

Speaker Workshops

Modernizing build process for OpenEdge applications using Gradle and OpenEdge DevOps Framework (OEDF)

This workshop will cover basics of DevOps and CI/CD concepts, and how OpenEdge customers can leverage them into their build processes. We will then dive deep into how OpenEdge DevOps Framework (OEDF) enables building of an OpenEdge application in a seamless, modern, optimized and automated way.

OEDF provides Gradle plugins that helps manage dependencies, compile ABL code, package artifacts and unit test programs. Gradle is one of the most popular choice for build and automation tool nowadays. It has a mature ecosystem and can be easily integrated to any CI server.

In this workshop we will do hands-on on how we can build OpenEdge application using OEDF and Gradle and we will discuss various benefits of investing into having a CI/CD process with live examples. We will also review how you can integrate CI in containers in your DevOps environment.