Onno de Haan

Senior Consultant, VanMeijel

My name is Onno de Haan, 42 years young. I’m from The Netherlands and live in Flevoland, a province that was reclaimed from the sea and is 5 meters below sea level. I live there with my wife and two young boys.

I started programming when I was about 10 – 11 years old. I taught myself how to program by picking up books from the local library. After graduating and getting a masters in Information Technology (specialized in programming) I started working for VanMeijel. I’ve been working there for almost 23 years now, and still enjoy it every day!

We have lots of great customers in the construction industry. From small contractors to big international players. My main focus is on integrations, in order to let our ERP-system called Metacom play nice with low code apps, websites, weighing bridges, on-board computers from vehicles and so on!

Our customers face problems like employee shortages and more and more regulations. They are in need off robust (and cool!) solutions to help them be more productive and succeed as a business. Lots of opportunities for cool projects!

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