Martyn Kemp

Senior Consultant, Consultingwerk

  • 20 plus years of development experience in various roles and using various technologies
  • Initially started using Progress just before the release of version 7.
  • First started using the .Net Framework with the introduction of ProDatasets (circa 2002).
  • During those times and upto the current time, Martyn has developed using OpenEdge GUI for .Net, C#, VB .Net and more recently, OE Mobile, OE REST, Spring IO, PASOE, Angularjs 1.x & Angular 2 and Swagger. Martyn currently works as Senior Consultant for Consultingwerk.

Speaker Sessions

Using the Factory pattern: how, when and why

The Factory pattern and its relatives provide a way in which application infrastructure or frameworks can guarantee that a developer gets what they are asking for. This session will cover the patterns themselves, how to implement them, and why you would want to (and not).

Speaker Workshops