Mark Holton

Mark Holton, Business Development Manager – EMEA, ISCorp

Mark has worked in the IT Cloud hosting arena for over Ten Years and within the IT industry for 30 years.

His primary focus is collaborating with Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) and forming partnerships to assist them in transforming their applications into Software as a Service (SaaS) offerings. Together, they aim to explore and access new market opportunities.

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Saasify your OpenEdge Application

Since 1999, ISCorp has been a secure, reliable, and cost-effective delivery platform for Progress OpenEdge-based applications. Today ISCorp’s Managed Secure Private Cloud Platform supports thousands of production Progress OpenEdge databases.

Our partners’ OpenEdge based applications service millions of end users globally.

20+ Years of OpenEdge hosting experience
Thousands of production OpenEdge databases on the platform
Experienced OpenEdge DBAs on staff
Some of the largest production OpenEdge databases globally under management
Millions of end-users served on the platform

Speaker Workshops