Lutz Fechner

Project Consultant, Consultingwerk

20+ years of development experience in various technology stacks. Mostly doing full stack development using .NET, Java and JavaScript and a bunch of different databases (Oracle, MS SQL Server, PostgreSQL, SQLite, Lucene, Elastic Search, Progress).
15 years experience as software architect and team lead in the B2B eProcurement industry creating high scalable web product search engine and content management systems.

Joined Consultingwerk in 2020 supporting in the area of delivery management, technology consulting and development services using various tech stacks.

Speaker Sessions

Using the Factory pattern: how, when and why

The Factory pattern and its relatives provide a way in which application infrastructure or frameworks can guarantee that a developer gets what they are asking for. This session will cover the patterns themselves, how to implement them, and why you would want to (and not).

Speaker Workshops