Ken Herring

Staff Software Engineer, Rocket Mortgage

Ken has been a software engineer professionally since 2010, but writing code much longer than that.  He’s worked with many languages, but most notably OpenEdge for the majority of his professional life.  Ken gradutated from Lehigh University with a BS in Computer Science & Business.  Ken started out in the ERP sector before transitioning to the financial world.

Ken’s passion for engineering is unabating.  He has a specific love for ensuring quality code deployments via tooling, build pipelines, and quality gates.  “Let the robots do the heavy lifting!”

He enjoys solving difficult problems, and working with large codebases has no lack of difficult problems.  You can often find Ken leveraging multitudes of metadata to detect and resolve coding issues in efforts to ensure high customer satisfaction.  He does significant mentoring of engineers at all levels and is always looking to embrace new development approaches.

Outside of development Ken enjoys watching baseball (Let’s Go Mets!), camping/hiking with his dogs, fishing, and travelling.

Speaker Sessions

Custom Sonar Rules / Measures

Let’s discuss how we’ve created more than 40 sonar rules to help us enforce code quality and leverage a “shift-left” mentality to engineering.

OE Build Pipelines w/ Docker

This session will discuss our container design and how we use OE containers in CircleCI pipelines to compile, unit test, sonar scan, and more.


Let’s discuss how to use VSCode exclusively in lieu of PDSOE. Let’s discuss how we’re using it and what we’ve learned. This will include how we leverage Docker containers for OE, and different environments our engineers choose to use (local repos, WSL, Dev Containers).

Speaker Workshops