Julian Lyndon-Smith

Chief Enterprise Architect, Build.One

Julian has presented at a number of conferences over the past 25 years on a wide and varied number of topics.

With over 33 years experience in Progress, and with his skills in all versions of Progress from v3 to v12, OOABL , database design and PASOE, Julian is actually in some danger of knowing what he’s talking about!

He has written a number of systems in Progress, including leading edge call center software that was completely integrated with VoIP technology using RabbitMQ, and Secureable – an identity and secrets management system for PASOE and OpenEdge.

Speaker Sessions

PASOE Devops

In this talk we would like to share with you our devops journey with PASOE. We will show how we were able to go from manual code building and shipping to a fully automated process using best of breed products in a short period of time – saving time, saving money and creating an agile environment for both developers and testers.

TDD revisited

This presentation will show how we use TDD, the benefits that we have found and the changes that we had to embrace in our development process.

Speaker Workshops