James Palmer

Senior Solutions Architect, Vertu Motors

James has been working in the OpenEdge world since 2003 working as a developer, and more recently in the DBA and architecture worlds. He currently manages a development team and is responsible for delivering modernisation projects for a large retail business in the UK. James’s experience places him firmly in the middle ground between development, management and administration meaning he has a unique perspective on how these 3 functions affect each other in terms of efficiency and collaboration. He has a passion for helping developers write more efficient code, remove technical debt and continuously improve the applications they are working with.

When he’s not behind a desk, you will often find James running (although we’re not sure what he’s running away from) or enjoying photography.

Speaker Sessions

How to make your DBA happy

This talk aims to look at some of the things that developers can do to improve the performance and reliability of their application, which in turn will make the DBA a much happier person.

Speaker Workshops