Ravi Sankar Venuturumilli

Software Architect, Progress Software India

Ravi Sankar Venuturumilli
Ravi is a Software Architect at Progress Software. He joined Progress in 2008. He started his journey with Progress in OpenEdge Architect (now Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge), then built tooling side for OpenEdge. After which he worked as Architect for about 5 years on Cloud Services, the backend services used by Progress cloud products like Rollbase and DataDirect Cloud.

He has hands on experience on building scalable cloud applications and is currently working on building a platform that will make it easier to build cloud/SaaS applications using OpenEdge.

As one of the initial steps, he is guiding a team to build an Eclipse Che-based IDE for developing server applications that can be deployed to containerized PAS for OpenEdge. He is interested in Cloud applications, Docker, Kubernetes and Cloud security.