Brian Christopher Preece

Technical Director, SAM Asset Manager Holdings Ltd

Brian Preece
Brian has been in IT for more than 40 years, from the days of paper tape and punch cards. After early work in Real Time Systems and then in commercial software, Brian formed BCP Ltd in the early 80s. After growing this company from small beginnings to a large Progress partner and a leading player in Food Wholesaling and Retailing and in the process pioneering most of the company’s innovations, Brian left BCP in 2014 to spend more time as a developer and consultant. Initially, he formed Ypsilon Software Ltd, specialising in Mobile App and Web App development. In 2016, he partnered with experienced Enterprise Solution consultant, Rick Pollitt, to develop Strategic Asset Manager (SAM), a suite of web and mobile apps to bring order and method to the frequently chaotic world of enterprise contracts. In particular, SAM aims to give a voice to all parties in a multiparty contract, from the largest enterprise to the smallest subcontractor with the aim of improving the success rate and satisfaction of all those involved in multi-party capital investment projects.