Claudiu Spac

Tech Lead, Wayfare

Claudiu has 9 years of experience working with Progress OpenEdge, currently as a tech lead at Wayfare. Over the years he has worked on multiple projects across different domains including TV scheduling & metadata processing, warehouse logistics, and recreation management.

More recently a major part of his work revolved around investigating performance issues and finding ways to improve application performance.

Speaker Sessions

Application Performance – Useful Tools and Practices (Case Study)

Application performance is always fine, until it isn’t. Is a newly deployed feature too slow to use? Did the most recent release cause logins to take 10 times as long? Did the number of daily users increase so much that the infrastructure can no longer keep up? Are things just slow(er) for no apparent reason?

Log Analytics – What, why, and how

All projects have some form of logging. What information can we extract from logs? Is there an easy way to store, process, and search through that information? Is there an easy way to visualize information that we are interested in? The answer to all of those is yes, and the tool used is a Log Analytics tool.

Speaker Workshops