Cameron Wright

Principal Software Engineer, Progress Software

With over 20 years’ experience, Cameron brings a unique perspective to OpenEdge customers having worked on both the consulting and the engineering side. He excels at listening and helping OpenEdge customers and partners find solutions to complex problems. With a keen eye for looking at code and systems, Cameron has played a pivotal role in helping customers migrate to the latest versions of OpenEdge. He has helped many customers achieve a more modern, evolved architecture to ensure future business success. He is proficient in product delivery, CI/CD solutions and testing applications to deliver the best solutions to existing customers.

Speaker Sessions

Customer Migration Success Stories

I want to migrate to PASOE but my story is unique. If you are in this scenario, we can help you see that you are not alone. Learn from common challenges customers faced and their solutions and success stories.

Speaker Workshops

Modernizing build process for OpenEdge applications using Gradle and OpenEdge DevOps Framework (OEDF)

This workshop will cover basics of DevOps and CI/CD concepts, and how OpenEdge customers can leverage them into their build processes. We will then dive deep into how OpenEdge DevOps Framework (OEDF) enables building of an OpenEdge application in a seamless, modern, optimized and automated way.

OEDF provides Gradle plugins that helps manage dependencies, compile ABL code, package artifacts and unit test programs. Gradle is one of the most popular choice for build and automation tool nowadays. It has a mature ecosystem and can be easily integrated to any CI server.

In this workshop we will do hands-on on how we can build OpenEdge application using OEDF and Gradle and we will discuss various benefits of investing into having a CI/CD process with live examples. We will also review how you can integrate CI in containers in your DevOps environment.

OpenTelemetry: What is it? How are we integrating with it?

In this workshop we will explore OpenTelemetry and how Tracing and metrics have been implemented inside the AVM. We will start with some simple examples and build on them. We will exam trace telemetry data and how to configure your application. We will explore ways to visualize this data.

Goal: When you have completed this workshop you should be able to setup telemetry tracing in your application in your environment. You will understand what the data looks like and how to visualize that data.

Topics covered:

• What is OpenTelemetry

• OTel configuration in OpenEdge

• Trace versus Metrics data

• Consuming data

• Visualization of the data

Requirements: Laptop with Microsoft Remote Desktop client (Workspace will be provide in AWS)