Anil Kotha

Principal Software Engineer, Progress Software

Anil Kotha works as a Principal Software Engineer in OpenEdge ABL Language group followed by Product Owner for one of the language groups and is responsible for development of ABL language features. Recently he has worked on projects like OpenTelemetry support within ABL Client, ABL Collections (List, SortedSet, HashMap) to name a few. Additionally, he is also making continuous improvements to CI/CD internally with the latest IaC technologies.

In addition to ABL language, during his 14-year tenure at Progress, Anil worked on diversified Progress products/projects like Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge aka PDSOE, OE-BPM, OpenEdge Dataservers, OpenEdge Mobile, JSDO (JavaScript Data Object), Java/.Net OpenClient, PASOE and ‘Docker for PASOE’ etc.

Speaker Sessions

Are You Vulnerable? Securing PAS for OpenEdge

Securing your applications is essential in today’s world. This session will cover steps you can take to harden your server and the features of the Progress Application Server (PAS) for OpenEdge that aid you in keeping out the bad actors.

Speaker Workshops