Allar Allas

Allar is the Co-Owner and CTO at Inspirators!

Inspirators! is a Progress partner and the newest and coolest OE and Chef company in the Baltics. They are developing innovative products and services on cloud technology.

With OE experience since 1997, Allar likes all kinds of new tech, including AI. This is the reason he is leading a BOF session about Chat GPT.

He has experience in building solutions from internet banking to e-government and highly mission-critical industry solutions.

Speaker Sessions

Birds of a Feather: ChatGPT and OpenEdge

During this Birds of a Feather session, we will discuss and share the possibilities of integrating Progress OpenEdge with ChatGPT in various ways.

The session will be moderated by Allar Allas from Inspirators! with Valentin Duricu from Wayfare on stage too. Our delegates can already write to them with suggestions using this dedicated e–mail address:

Speaker Workshops