Tales From The Secret Bunker 2023

Friday 11:45-12:45

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The “Secret Bunker” has been used for many interesting OpenEdge RDBMS investigations in past years.  Please join your intrepid explorers for another trip into the bowels of the (recently relocated) bunker.

As databases are used and modified over an extended period, database administrators will gain experience and knowledge of what they should have done.  They will discover that various improvements in database organization could be made to improve day-to-day performance and maintenance operations.  In this talk we will examine some techniques you might use for “online table dump and load” operations with the database.

OpenEdge Release 12 has a variety of new features and capabilities that can make such maintenance tasks more efficient and less disruptive to normal production operations.  In the bunker we test some of these capabilities and now we report the results.