Reporting against all of your Progress data sources easily and quickly

Wednesday 15:30-16:30

Cyberquery will enable you and your customers to create better, more powerful reports – easily and quickly.

Cyberquery will help you win new customers with an impressive Business Intelligence presentation, retain your existing customers by greatly increasing their satisfaction with your applications, and exceed users’ requirements for reporting and BI.

Learn how to unlock the data hidden in your OpenEdge database using Cyberquery.  This practical session will include the following topics:

  1. How Cyberquery can be used to create ad-hoc reports, charts, KPIs, Dashboards, portals, drilldowns and other output using either the visual or language editors
  2. How the meta data layer (the Data Dictionary) enables reporting across multiple Progress data sources
  3. How to seamlessly incorporate other data sources into your OpenEdge reporting environment