PASOE Devops

Wednesday 12:15-13:15

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In this talk we would like to share with you our devops journey with PASOE.  We will show how we were able to go from manual code building and shipping to a fully automated process using best of breed products in a short period of time – saving time, saving money and creating an agile environment for both developers and testers.

We no longer have developers not knowing how their code was integrated with the rest of the codebase and what happens after. We now have isolated development environments for each feature, automated builds, automated nightly environments for integration and acceptance testing as well as being able to  create an isolated environment for any branch , Pull Request or feature. Every workspace is created from a known base image and therefore we can reproduce the exact environment as it was at the time of shipping.

Hopefully this presentation will inspire you to start your own journey and implement your own version of devops.