Managing the complexities of system integrations

Thursday 11:45-12:45

It is inevitable that at some point in the application life cycle some form of integration will be required. The reality of the matter is that all applications are designed, developed and deployed differently, each for their own reasons. This session aims to dive into some of the questions and issues that can arise during system integration.

Some of the topics that will be considered includes:

  • Integrating with legacy systems based on outdated system designs and potential constraints on data management
  • Role in integration: Publisher vs subscriber
  • Synchronous vs asynchronous integration and transaction management complexities
  • Data integrity across systems
    • Golden source of data and the role each application plays
    • How to manage varying business rules and ensuring integrity of your own data
  • Complex transaction management (Transactions spanning multiple systems) and how to implement governance
  • Performance considerations
    • Distributed systems
    • Data format transformations
    • Volume
    • Dependencies between systems and transaction state