Legacy NE Bad

Wednesday 11:00-12:00

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This presentation will expose some of the challenges, myths, and realities of writing code. In my professional experience, I was able to distinguish between clean, easy-to-reuse code and the opposite.

Although one would think that it is simple to create quality code, real life proves us wrong, as multiple factors can occur. Here are some questions\topics to which we will find answers and tips to leave a good impact in present and future applications.

  • Defining and understanding the legacy code. What is the impact in an agile world?
  • Let’s clarify some of the biggest misconceptions when talking about old code.
  • From legacy to the low code / no code?
  • Good code and bad code. True or false?
  • Should every code have a unit test?
  • How can the old code pass the time test?
  • Is it worth claiming strict rules when writing code?
  • Compliance with naming conventions
  • Why using relevant comments when coding?
  • Lesson learned after using mature applications.
  • Tips for a better future legacy code.

Finally, we will go through some of real-life situations and analyze together the best approach.