How to make your DBA happy

Thursday 10:30-11:30

This talk is aimed at developers, but may have some interest for DBAs as well. The idea is to give an overview of the things developers can do to help the performance of their application and to make the DBA’s life easier.We all know that a smooth running application is what keeps customers happy. And we all know that the onus to provide that is on the DBA, right? Wrong! Yes, there is a lot that the DBA can do to improve performance, and keep a reliable system, but if the underlying code isn’t efficient, if transaction scoping is poor, if users are regularly blocking each other, then the DBA’s hands are tied.

This talk aims to look at some of the things that developers can do to improve the performance and reliability of their application, which in turn will make the DBA a much happier person.

We will take a dive into transaction scoping, query tuning, schema changes, and other topics as time allows. All of them aligned to make your DBA a happier person. Guaranteed!