Birds of a Feather: ChatGPT and OpenEdge

During this Birds of a Feather session, we will discuss and share the possibilities of integrating Progress OpenEdge with ChatGPT in various ways. As an introduction we will shortly illustrate the following items:

  1. A summary of the “Vanilla” ChatGPT abilities of writing ABL
  2. Teaching ChatGPT new things – newer OpenEdge features, a database structure, interaction with OpenEdge based frameworks
  3. Talking to ChatGPT from Progress OpenEdge Code

After the introduction we can dive deeper into the listed items, starting an interactive session with the public.

The session will be moderated by Allar Allas from Inspirators! with Valentin Duricu from Wayfare on stage too. Our delegates can already write to them with suggestions using this dedicated e–mail address: