Rapid Cloud Development – The first OpenEdge web development framework for small and medium-sized companies.

Thursday 13:45-14:45

This presentation will cover the introduction of the Rapid Cloud Development framework.

It will show how this framework has been developed to suit the small to mid-sized companies.

This means that the focus mainly lies on fast development, retain your existing development staff, use same tool/framework to develop different types of applications, re-use screens/API endpoints to prevent redundant code, automated broadcasting updates and many more…

It will show that many of the controls/objects in the framework have been created from scratch or customized to apply standardization in attributes and usage, while more complex controls are simplified in its application.

You will see that it is possible to develop a fully functional web application under 8 minutes without any other technical skills besides Openedge 4GL.

You will walk away with the notion that, finally you also can step into the competitive market of web-based software.