Oct 29, 2019, 10:00 - 13:00

Room: Brussels

Presenter: Julian Steiner - Progress Software, Radu Nicoara - Consultingwerk

This workshop will introduce you to the Progress mobile development stack enabling you to develop web and native mobile applications from frontend to backend on a JavaScript/TypeScript basis.

You will learn the fundamentals of NativeScript & Angular and using the Kinvey SDK in a NativeScript app. You'll explore the Kinvey backend console and how to setup a fully fledged backend for business logic, data persistence and integration of external data sources.

You'll then learn how all of these aspects are seamlessly combined in the integrated Kinvey Studio allowing you to visually develop web and native mobile apps. This includes adding a modern conversational UI to these apps (Chatbots!).

The workshop is caters for all developer levels. There are some advanced exercises for those already familiar with JS/TS development using NodeJS, Angular or NativeScript.