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PUG Challenge 2023

ChatGPT + OE Birds of a Feather
Session announced…

Join us for an engaging technical session where we dive deep into using ChatGPT to generate code for the renowned Sports2020 database in Progress OpenEdge. Gone are the days of manually crafting every database query or REST API endpoint! With the aid of advanced language models like ChatGPT, developers can expedite code generation, thus optimizing development cycles and improving code accuracy

Contact moderator Allar Allas for more info if needed on bof-chatgptoe@pugchallenge.eu. This is a dedicated e-mail address for our delegates to use and share their experiences and questions about this session.

Hear from our Speakers

Continuing the series of chats with our speakers we are happy to bring you interviews with Mike Fechner, Rahul Arora, Jūratė Balčiūnė, Paulius

 Kuprevičius, Andrius Marcišauskas and Tom Bascom. What do they hope to bring to the event? What are they looking forward to? Follow their link and visit our YouTube channel for more info.

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