Tijs Wickardt

Software Architect, Bertus Groothandel en Distributie b.v.

Tijs Wickardt
Software Architect. Scrum enthusiast. Coaching and training of coworkers. Over 20 years of experience with Progress OpenEdge 4GL/ABL and RDBMS.
Alongside that:
Experienced with technologies like NoSql, time-series databases, messaging services, distributed platforms, containerizing, software integration and runtime embedding.
Lately been working on:
Platform and runtime integration of high performance logistical custom OpenEdge ERP. NoSql (Redis) implementation from AIX, Windows, Linux with various runtimes: OpenEdge, Python, .NET, Java, Redis-embedded Lua. Cloud coupling with Azure and/or Restful + WebSocket. MVVC .NET pattern implementation with WPF databinding (running in OpenEdge WebClient) and custom strong typed NoSql-coupled .NET assembly generator (Eclipse plugin, Jep embedded Python).